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A deep dive into local plants and mushrooms and their gifts of delicious, nutritious food, effective medicines and health boosting supplements,as well as fun and useful "utilitarian" "uses"such as fibres, baskets, dyes, glues, and even the awe-inspiring birchbark canoe! Highlights will include local Algonquin guest teachers, a canoe daytrip in a birchbark canoe, and a grand Solstice celebration to end it all off!  We will be exploring themes of community building, self-sufficiency, and the possibility of moving towards a more gracious relationship with the living Earth, even in the context of the modern Western world. 

1 weekend/month Sept. to June (not including Dec and Jan.)


We start early afternoon foraging fields, forests and streams around our homestead. This is followed by preparing drinks and food for the evening's special community outdoor wildharvest dinner (in association with Ixim cafebistro), followed by some combination of stories, musical guests, and/or other entertainment! 

This event runs once a month from May to September, from 1PM to 9:30ish.  

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