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Fall Foraging Extravaganza

jams and jellies_medium.jpg

Sat. Oct. 1st (1-5)

Location: 507 CH Shouldice, Wakefield, QC

Cost: $60


A full afternoon of autumn wild harvest!  Join us for a harvest walk through our fields , forest and creek, and join in on autumn wild harvested food, medicine and bushcraft materials. Help us grind and squeeze our wild apple harvest into delicious apple cider, which can then easily be turned into hard cider or apple cider vinegar.  Also, we'll make one our favourites: wild apple jelly.  Also on the agenda:  wild grape processing, autumn roots, (including burdock and sunchokes), the little known but delicious Wapato (arrowhead or Sagitaria latifolia), and fall fibre plants such as milkweed!  
Bonuses:  electronic class notes, and take home jars of apple cider, black walnut husk dye and medicine, and an apple jelly!




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