the gifts of the animals

Animals teach us to be receptive with our minds, to listen deeply and widen our perception, to quiet our chattering minds so that we may become part of the environment, and learn to read what is happening in the landscape.

Develop your senses so that you can be receptive to what they have to teach you. When you know an animal deeply, the web of life becomes real and palpable, and you increase your respect and empathy for all life, as well as your self-sufficiency and gratitude.

Come and deepen your knowledge of the animal world and learn the ways of the animals as we honour their gifts.

Our yearly offerings will include tracking, bird language, honourable harvesting of the hide, meat, bones, tool making, hide tanning, and more!

Here are the fall offerings:

current offerings:
hide tanning: September 29, 30 & Oct 1, 2017

Join us for this three day workshop where you will learn how to tan a deer hide naturally, without chemicals, the

way our ancestors have done it! 

Everyone will receive their own deer skin to tan and walk away with a soft buckskin great for all sorts of projects, including mocassins. 

We begin Friday evening at 7pm-9pm, and continue Saturday 9-6pm, you are invited to stay for a potluck dinner and 

continue Sunday morning 10-5pm.  (Smoking the hide may need to be done on  aseparate day, and tentative date is October 14, during the Hearth Gathering.)

Please bring your lunch for Saturday and Sunday, and a potluck item for Saturday night.

You are welcome to camp out on our property and you will have access to our outdoor kitchen and bathroom.

Cost is $250 plus tax per person and includes hide, use of tools, coffee, tea and snacks during the weekend.

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