gifts of the plants


find your way to the original garden with our apprenticeship class

Join us on our full day foraging classes where each month we learn to identify, sustainably harvest and process a variety of wild edibles and medicines from our region.

Classes run Sundays from 10:30-4:30PM on the following dates:


- May 14, June 11, July 16, August 20, September 17, October 15, November 26, 2017


- Location: Wakefield, QC


 Cost: $100 per session (October session $75,  November session $40)
- Childcare available at $20/per child
- includes wild inspired lunch 
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Gifts of the plants monthly classes are designed to immerse you in the vibrant multi-sensory world of plants, from the tiniest unfurling sprout to the oldest majestic tree. We will explore many, many ways to engage, observe, and learn in this abundant aspect of our world. We aim for you to come out of these classes inspired and invigorated, ready to continue building life long relationships with the plant world!  

Please note that you will be taking home both processed and unprocessed foods and medicines.  Some of our “special plant studies” will include projects that will have to be finished at  home.   You will also be given many resources for continued study, for the keen learners.

The following is the general structure of the class, and a tentative month by month curriculum.  Please note that the classes will very much be responsive to the interests and the energy of the participants, what’s happening in nature, and sudden bursts of passion from the instructor, so the exact curriculum will vary. 

Generally, the classes will be as follows: 

  1. Welcome, shaking off the dust, sharing of passions, stories, inspirations

  2. Morning plant foraging/plant walk

  3. Preparation for lunch (wild salad, peeling chopping wild vegetables, etc.,)

  4. Wild inspired lunch at our outdoor kitchen, followed by relaxed chitchat, plant studies, and a brief literature review.

  5. Afternoon session 1:  food and/or medicine processing

  6. Afternoon session 2: special plant studies (eg: dyes, fibres, baskets, crafts, ferments and beers, plant lore, magic and “spirit”, caretaking and propagation)

  7. Wrap-up, reflection and thanksgiving

Here's an overview of each class, though depending on the season, there may be some variation:: 

May 14:  Spring Fever!  Foods: dandelion, fiddleheads, basswood, wild leeks, wood nettles, pine, sprucetips,   Medicines:  plantain, yarrow,   Processing:   gathered foods, medicinal honeys, oils and salves,  Special Plant Studies:   i)  conservation, caretaking and propagating your own “wild” plants, ii) wild beers, vinegars, ciders, and other fun, healthy ferments! iii) if there is time and interest, dandelion wine.

June 11: Climax and the Solstice!    Foods: wild strawberries, burdock stalk, carrot stalk, rose petals, cattails, milkweed, daisies, Medicines: pine pollen, comfrey, red clover,   Processing: tinctures, cattail stalks,  Special Plant Studies:  i) bark: baskets, fibres, food. ii) spirit of plants: a short discussion European and First Nations perspectives on plant spirit, consciousness, as well as folklore and magic! (in honour of the coming summer solstice)

July 16: Summer’s Glory:  Foods:  raspberries,  plantain seeds, amaranth and lambsquarters seeds,  (Susun Weed’s porridge),  milkweed pods and flowers, Medicines:  fresh summer sun teas, syrups,   Processing:      jellies, pickling,  Special Plant Studies:   bark part 2: more baskets, fibres, food

Aug 20: Summer Matures:   Food:  chokecherry, wild plums, hazelnuts, butternut, elderberry, wild rice  Medicines:  elderberry, pine pitch,   Special Plant studies:    i) pitch, ii) making a “blickie” for berry harvest ,  “melon” style woven baskets, iii) plant dyes!

Sept. 17: Soak in the sun and put on some fat!   Food:  acorns, black walnut, butternut, stinging nettle, wild grape, wild apples,roots, harvest feast,   Medicine:  i: rosehips, ii) herbal first aid and herbal first aid kit,   Processing:   black walnuts for food, medicine and dye.   Special Plant Studies:  dyes, fibres, the amazing cattail doll. 

Oct 15: Gateway to Winter:  Food: acorns, burdock, parsnips, cattails, wild apples, and revisiting butternuts and Black Walnuts.   Note:  This a shortened class, 10:30  -2:30, and the  cost is $75 

Nov 26:   Medicine: winter medicines for immune system and colds, and skin and lip care  Note:  this is an afternoon class with no lunch offered.   The timing is 1-4 PM, and the cost is $40.  All medicines made will  for taking home. Please note that this class will be held at our new studio in Wakefield   (Studio Les Arterres) at  727 Riverside Rd.   



- Cost: $100 per session (please note exceptions above)
- Childcare available at $20/per child

- includes wild inspired lunch 


sliding scale price & worktrade available

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