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nature skills series

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Duration  2-3 hrs

Location: TBA

Cost: $40 or PWYC


This monthly series is designed for any outdoor nature enthusiast, but especially for those that have others in their care, such as outdoor educators, forest pre-school teachers, guides, and even friends and family in wilderness situations. The topics are informed by decades of nature education work, and seeing what works really well, and also what people tend to struggle with.  For example,  fire tending and starting when it is cold and wet is  a challenge, but that is just when you and those in your care need it most!  Here is the list so far, and if you don't see the topic that you're interested in, shoot us an email or phone call!  We may be able to hook you up!


Carving and Knife Care 1: (Sat. Apr. 15, 1-3:30PM)  Join us to learn some basic carving techniques and safety, some basic knife care and sharpening technique, and work on carving a cedar spoon with a coal burned bowl, (or other project of your choice)

Future topics and workshops on demand

-Tracking 101:  Join us for our introductory tracking class, including an indoor slide show and walk in the woods, focusing on how to hone your tracking skills, use the best resources in print and online, and follow your curiosity and deepen your relationship with nature.

-Art of Fire 1:  Join us for a primer on fire making and tending when it is wet and cold.  We will look at building and maintaining fire for a group at a campfire setting with stacked firewood and an axe.  We will then take a jaunt in the woods and look at making fire in a more wilderness setting, with the scenario of having a folding saw, and the scenario of not having one.  

- Art of Fire 2: Prometheus and Coyote:  the creation of fire:  For the fire-spirit-connected, an introduction to coaxing a flame directly from the Earth Mother.  Bowdrill, handrill, and flint and steel (or iron).  

- Knots, ropes and tarps:  Four or five basic knots will do just about everything you will ever need to do in the wild.  Learn also about quick tarp shelters and set-up, so when the thunderstorm threatens, you know exactly what to do!

- Nature Stories and Songs for working with children:

- Nature fibres and bendy sticks:  Many cool options for nature fibres and wythies (bendy sticks) for simple projects.  Learn basic string and rope making, or "cordage".  (advanced techniques available for the more experienced) 

Fishing 101

Classes available on demand at your location!

Request a topic! We can probably accommodate

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