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Winter's Apothecary/nature gifts

Skincare products

Sat. Nov.26,  10-4PM,

Sun. Nov. 27, 10-4PM

Location: 507 Ch. Shouldice, Wakefield, QC

Cost: Full Weekend:  $170,  Saturday only: $90 Sunday only: $90



The land turns to melancholy shades and the first snows transform the landscape. Our attention turns to the coming months.  Medicines are made to stay healthy, and to cure illness in case we or our loved ones do get sick.  We also look to the coming month of December and get ready for gatherings with family and friends with wild food recipes and nature-based gifts such as homemade moisturizing creams and cattail angels!

Saturday 26Winter's Apothecary: Forest Wizards and Witches guide to Winter health and well-being.  Never get sick!  (and if you do, get better quickly!)  Our local forests and fields are full of the Earth's billion year biochemistry extravaganza, ready to help you and your family in ways that the pharmaceutical industry doesn't want you to know about!  Join us for a wonderful day of learning and crafting and bring home powerful medicines and knowledge to keep you healthy throughout the winter and beyond:

  • make delicious and effective elderberry syrup, proven to cut the average viral flu length in half!

  • learn about and begin to make Anishnaabe arthritis salve, (as taught by Joe Pitawanakwat, good for arthritis, aches and pains, sores, etc, etc.)

  • learn to bask in the protection of evergreen trees, including saps and salves, smoke medicine, steam inhalations, and make the Rivers and Roots "Winterdreams" tea to take home.

  • Mushroom Medicine! The world of mushrooms has all sort of magic that is distinct from the plant world.  For example, mushrooms tend to have an immune system modulating effect, meaning that they stimulate and strengthen the immune system, unless it is overactive (eg: inflammation), in which case they  have the intelligence to dampen the overactive immune response.  Amazing!  Make a dual extracted mushroom immunity medicine, and take a walk in the woods to see most of these incredible medicines at home in our local woods!

(Option to just come for the afternoon for the medicinal mushroom workshop)


Sunday 27:  Nature's Gifts:  The best gifts are hand-made AND from nature! As the season of harvest more or less draws to a close, we turn our attention to each other for celebration and gift-giving and  transform the  bounty of the year's harvest into gifts of beauty, self care, and celebration. 

Spend the day with us making a gift basket with delightful gifts of nature, directly from our fields, forests, and wetlands.  End the day with a seasonal basket of spruce/pine lipbalm, a luscious natural hand/facecream, a bag of Rivers and Roots delicious and healing Winterdreams tea, the incredible cattail angel, and perhaps a few knicknacks such as smudge sticks, and birchbark Christmas ornaments.  As always, we will take a nature walk, and do a minor harvest while reconnecting to the Earth and ourselves.


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