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Mushrooms 101!

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Location: Wakefield, QC

Cost: $50

Dates: Sat. May 11, 1-4PM, Sat. June 15, 1-4PM, Sun. July 28, 1-4PM,  Sun. Sept. 15, 10-1PM

Available On Demand at your location

Please note that the May 11 afternoon class is full.  Please please choose the next available date. Alternatively, We may add a morning class on the same day, so contact us if you would be interested in that option. 


Gaining confidence with wild mushrooms can be a challenge.   It can be harder and scarier than learning plants!  I designed Mushrooms 101 to help you confidently delve into the world of wild mushrooms, whether you just want to recognise a few edible mushrooms, or want to know it all!

Join us for a slide show and talk that covers confident identification skills, book and internet resources for your learning, some of the edible, poisonous, medicinal, and other interesting fungal superstars, and fungal humour!   This will be followed by two mini workshops on mushroom cultivation, an intro to making mushroom medicines, and a forest mushroom walk. Bonuses include access to the slide presentation online, and an exhaustive list of resources to continue learning.  Warning:  mushrooming can become obsessive!
cost:  $50.   Spaces limited!   


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