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The  wild harvest brings gratitude for all that sustains us! Our Wildharvest Dinners, in partnership with Ixim Cafe+Bistro, highlight the relationships between the wild, the cultivated, and the many hands that tend our food! 


Enjoy an outdoor evening of wild foods & drinks, a roaring fire, stories and musical guests.  (Option to make a day of it and join a morning foraging class, and help prepare some wild edibles into our meal before the main event!)

The Meal: Our buffet style meals are at once accessible and familiar to the palate, while highlighting delicious and surprising wild foraged elements and options. For example, pizza fired in our outdoor cob oven, topped with wild garlic mustard, fiddle heads and wild mushrooms.   Wherever possible, we will honour indigenous seasonal staples such as Whitefish in the spring and manoomin (wild rice) in the fall.  

We also highlight local adaptations of wildfoods from around the world, such as acorn starch jelly from Korea (Dotorimuk), Japanese recipes for Burdock root (Gobo),  Italian love of wild mustards, and the Latin American traditions of wild greens (Quelites) in delights such as Tacos and Tamales.  You can also try tastes of wild infused ferments, vegetable cheeses, and other tapas and sides.   Once summer really sets in, look forward to fresh wild salads, edible wildflowers, and delectable deserts, such as homemade cheesecake with elderberry and chokecherry syrup and hand  processed black walnuts. 


The Drinks:  We are always experimenting with delicious homemade drinks, both alcoholic and and non-alcoholic.   Try our homemade root beer or choka-cherry cola, our refreshing shrubs (local apple cider vinegar and berries in sweet soda water),  our unique herbal tea blends, and wild inspired cocktails.  We will also have more conventional drinks, such as homemade lemonade, wine, and craft beers!

The Evening: 


5-6PM:  Arrive, enjoy the fire, walk on our trails, visit our chickens, and settle in.  

6 -7:30PM: Introduction to dinner, thanksgiving, and dinner

8 - 10:  Stories, entertainment, and musical guest



Saturday, June 24, 2023

Saturday, Sept 9, 2023

Saturday, Sept 23, 2023

Saturday, Oct 7, 2023


Location: 507 Ch Shouldice, Wakefield, QC

Cost: $100/ person    $25/ Child

Should I bring my children?:    Children are very welcome, and may have access to our sandbox, trampoline and nerf toys, etc.  Picky eaters have an option to roast hotdogs around the fire, if the main course is a bit too "weird" for them.

What about the mosquitos?  Our property is traditionally relatively low in biting insects.  That said, there may be some, and it varies somewhat from year to year.  We will have citronella candles, and you are welcome to wear bug spray,  You are likely to be pleasantly surprised at how little bothersome insects there are, especially around the fire. 

What if it rains?   In the event of heavy rain, we will move the Wild Harvest Dinner to Ixim Cafe Bistro, at 727 ch Riverside, Wakefield, QC. As it is a very small bistro, there will be two seatings offered for groups of 12, one at 5:00pm and 7:30pm.


 wild harvest dinners

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