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The pictured tracks were left behind in your backyard. You caught a flash of the animal. Was it a coyote, or a wolf, (or a coywolf?) Which is the front paw and which is the back? Does the track help choose among the above choices? (hint: what do coywolves and unicorns have in common?)

If these kinds of questions intrigue you, I'm teaching a four part tracking course at Rivers and Roots. The format will be a 1 hr indoor class followed by a 1 hr snowshoe (weather permitting). The dates will be 3 Saturday morning in a row, starting March 2nd, and then a 4th date TBA.

Cost: $100. (Individual classes $25).

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Your Instructor

Pierre Blin

Pierre Blin

“His classes are so awesome! I’ve learned so much from Pierre. A good teacher teaches the love for learning that will drive you to want to learn more and that’s exactly what Pierre has done for me. I can’t speak highly enough of his classes.”

Pierre has been studying nature and wilderness skills for close to 30 years, with a focus on foraging and bushcraft of all types.

- Brenda Duke

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