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honouring the harvest: Acorns and more & Weaving, Natural Dyes, and Human Alchemy


Sat. Oct. 29, 10-4:30PM, optional evening)

Sun. Oct. 30, 10-4PM

Location: 507 Ch. Shouldice, Wakefield, QC

Cost: Full Weekend:  $180,  Saturday only: $90, Sunday only: $90  (Subsidies and worktrade available: please inquire.  No one is turned away for lack of funds)

Honouring the Harvest (Saturday 29):  As we contemplate healthy, calorie dense and delicious foods to keep us through winter, our attention turns to the incredible potential of the humble acorn as a potential staple food.  We’ll also dig into my stash of wild plums to make an amazing jelly/sauce.  Our nature walk will include a last chance to collect balsam and spruce sap, and who knows what else?  We'll finish the day with a bit of acorn baked goods, some pork filet and wild plum sauce, and some 2021 Elderberry wine.  Bonuses: take home some acorn flour and wild plum sauce! (If there is time and interest, we may touch on fall and winter mushrooms to look out for, and simple wild vinegar making in your kitchen)

Weaving, Natural Dyes, and Human Alchemy (Sunday 30):   Alchemy, Weaving, and Transformation! The changing leaves reminds us of nature’s incredible palette of colours, and we will look at the huge world of natural dyes from plants, mushrooms, and lichens as well as hemlock bark natural woodstain. Our nature walk will also emphasize some of the fire making potential of the land, and some of the fibres that the land offers at this time.  We will aim to use the dyes to start a unique choose-your-own-project, such as a knitted scarf, hand woven belt, or simply a naturally dyed cotton t-shirt. Other craft projects may include simple woven baskets. 





black walnut dyed wool and basket_edited
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